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Hi everyone,
I've recently uploaded 2 skins for the Sylenth1 plugin : 
The original plugin can be bought / tried here : ;
If you've already got the plugin, try the skins ;P
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Here is a list of my Chrome themes :
- No iDrops :…
- iClouds :…
- Orange Vista :…
- Aquapple :…
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Hello everyone. I'd like to know how you prefer using your mac (I don't care whether it's a real mac or a windows transformed into a mac...) :

How many workspaces do you have ?
1 Desktop : 1
2-3 Desktops : 1
4 Desktops : 1
More than 4 desktops : 0

How do you prefer using your dock ? As a windows taskbar (with only 3 apps in it and the opened windows), or as a launcher (about 20 icons in it...) ?
Taskbar Dock : 1
Launcher : 2

Which type of dock do you prefer ? 3D or 2D ?
3D : 2
2D : 0

Where do you prefer having your dock ? On bottom or on left ? (I know nobody wants it on the right...)
Bottom : 1
Left : 0

Do you prefer the Aqua one or the Grey one ?…
Aqua : 2
Grey : 3
(English people : you can translate the page with google translation, I'll do it correctly myself later...)
Bonjour à tous. J'aurais besoin de votre aide ici :…
Merci d'avance.
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Hi everyone.
I'd like to know what features you would like to see in OSX 10.9. If I have enough ideas, I'll try to contact Apple ;P

Here are my ideas :
- Better iCloud with all Documents, Musics, Pictures & Movies uploaded to the internet, like dropbox...
- Better interface : even if I think the best interface is a Mountain Lion one I think that it can be even better. These are things apple should add:
                   - More buttons to the titlebar. At the moment, there are 4 buttons on it : Close, Minimize, Adjust to content, Fullscreen. The best thing for me would be to put the traffic lights like in iTunes for Snow Leopard… (like real traffic lights ;P) and to put 3 more buttons right where the traffic lights were : a light blue one (with an arrow icon) to roll the window, a dark blue one (with a square icon) to show a menu with options to snap the window to edges (like the Deskovery one) and the fullscreen button (better to have it on the left, I think...)
                   - Some programs which haven't got a big toolbar (ex :…) will have a blank space behind my traffic lights ! But, most of these programs have a sidebar. So, I suggest to create a long button behind the traffic lights to show or hide the sidebar. Otherwise, a blank space would be OK :D
                   - Re-design the Menubar : more icons would be great... One with all th installed programs, one to sync all iDevices, one for the recycle bin (sometimes I'd like to delete it from the dock !!!!!), ... I'd like more ideas for this part.
                   - A better notification center. The actual one uses only 1/10 of the screen, but you can't just show it and work with another app ! Apple should add an option to dock it to right edge. (and other options to add buttons in it, like to open a program, or a website.
                   - Of course, a better dock !! A one where you can add spacers, and program groups. (and why not a dock with sub docks when more than 1 window is minimised for one program...)
                   -  Scrollbars on Top & Left (with an option o put them back where they were...)
- A better Mission Control : the actual one is really bad. These are options Apple could, and should add :
                   - An option to show minimized windows would be useful.
                   - An option to show all windows from all desktops (like a + button in the top left corner)
                   - An all programs screen (Launchpad) that can be shown from a button.
                   -  There should be a way to put desktops at the top AND at the bottom of mission control (2 lines...)
                   - An idea would be to program apps to place them between 2 desktops automatically when in fullscreen mode.
                   - A spotlight search in the main MC screen, or which can be shown by clicking an icon in the top left corner. (and same thing for dashboard)
- A better Finder with all these features : (the actual one dates from OSX 10.0...)
                   - A breadcrumb address bar (or something like that...) instead of just the name of the folder.
                   - A movable sidebar (shown as a bookmark bar when on top & bottom)
                   - 2 icon views : one like it os now, and one with extra large icons with information on them (size, type of hard drive in My Computer, ...)
- A better Safari :
                   - Tabs in the titlebar, all browsers have this now, and with Safari 6 there is the name of the actual tab 2 times (titlebar & tab bar...)
                   - A + button to create a tab on the LEFT of the tab bar (same thing for the "all tabs" button)
                   - iCloud tabs shown as normal tabs at the right of the safari window, as small tabs (2cm long each)
                   - A share button sticked to the address bar.
                   - an arrow next to the <> buttons to show recent pages
- A better iTunes with a customizable toolbar.
- A better iMessage with a contact list at the right...
- Reminders included into Notification Center
- Combine notes & TextEdit
- OS Name : OSX Nyan Cat :D :D…

If you have other ideas, if you want to tell me what you think about my ideas, if you have anything to say bout this, just post a comment here and I'll add it to the journal.
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Hi everyone.
I've just bought an iMac with an AMD Radeon 6970 (1Go), and I've got problems running the Trackmania game in Parallels with high graphic settings. However, one of my friends has got a PC with an AMD Radeon 6700 Graphic card, and the game works perfectly !
Does the problem come from Parallels ? How can I fix it ?
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Hi everyone. I'd like to know the best way to run windows apps on mac (TM United Forever, TM² Canyon, FL Studio, Dolphin Emulator, MS Office 2007 - I got this one for free...)
I've seen 4 ways, tell me if there are more...
- Dual Boot
- Virtual Machine
- Emulator - Wine
-Emulator - Crossover / WinOnX
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Hi everyone.
I'd like to know a way to show my Objectdock with a keyboard shortcut. Please tell me if you know...
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Hi everybody.
I've just bought a 1000€ PC and I'd like to get Mountain Lion on it. I'd like to know 2 things :
- is it a good idea to make a Hackintosh or is it better to buy a second hand Mac ?
- how can I make it ?
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Hi everyone !
I'm using an iPod touch and a mini phone (with phone only, it dates from 2005) and I'd like to buy one of the lastest smartphones, but I don't know which one to choose...
I think the best ones are the Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone (4S and 5). I'd like you to tell me what you think about these three phones, which one is better.
Pour les français, j'aimerais savoir ce qui est mieux au niveau d'abonnement, entre Free, SFR & Orange (les trois meilleurs, il me semble...)
Voilà ;)
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Hi everyone. I'd like to know what you think the next MS, Apple and Linux OS will look like...
This is my opinion, for Apple OS11 / OSX Sea Lion (I think it's a good name for the next Apple OS...)
- Same windows as Mountain Lion, with some minor changes :
                              - Red button : Close, yellow one : Minimize
                              - Green button : switch between 2 windows sizes (same as M-Lion)
                              - At the right, 3 grey buttons (a bit like the ones in Leopard) : Fullscreen, Roll, and hide toolbar
- New dock, with more features :
                              - Better app switcher : when hovering an icon of a multiple window app, it will show all the open windows in a sort of aero peek.
                              - Better animations : when minimizing a window, we will be able to choose between slide, scale, genie, and lots of other effects.
                              - Better skin : the Mountain Lion skin isn't really good. We will be able to choose a dock skin, between all the previous ones, and to create some...
- New Finderbar , more like the Ubuntu taskbar:
                              - Apple icon, with text (it's better) : start screen, like a mix of the W8 one and the Launchpad. There will be all the programs, all the options and some custom shortcuts (created by the user) on the right part, an app switcher like mission control on the left.
                              - Menubar (same as previous versions) : If the app is in fullscreen mode, the Finderbar isn't hidden, bit combines with the titlebar. You'll see the traffic lights and the 'exit fullscreen' buttons after the apple icon. Then there will be the windows' menus.
                              - A sort of system tray, like in Mountain Lion, but with more features : (I'm starting by the right of the bar) Notification center (old icon...), Spotlight, Clock, with date when clicking, Network, volume, ...
- New option : Mac Bar (a sort of taskbar)
                              - When mac bar is enabled, the dock is hidden but the finderbar is still here :)
                              - Mac Bar is a taskbar like windows 7 : The apps pinned in the dock are pinned in the bar, and when an app is onened with multiple windows, you can see both of them in the bar (Like when you show text in W7), and you can use aero peek (errr, mac peek ;))

If you want to tell what you'd like, just post here, or on your website, and just send me a link... ;)
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Hi everyone.
I'd like to use a TT skin I made to get a real mac appearence on my computer. There is a problem with it : I can't use it correctly with aero enabled because there is a problem with the explorer's adress bar. Here is a picture of the problem :… (No adressbar background...) Is there a way to fix that ? Maybe there is an equivalent to TT ? (not Borderskin, it doesn't work on x64. and I'd like something free and something that works, so not windowsblinds !)
Please if you can help me, do it ;)
Hi everyone.
I'm working on a True Transparency mac skin and I'd like to use it in all my programs. Some of them work perfectly, but lots of them don't have the 'classic' borders (Firefox, Thunderbird, Chrome, Windows Explorer...)
For the first ones, I got themes to make them have the 'classic' borders, but for the explorer, I can't do anything... only change the VS to a basic style, but some of my apps need aero. That's why I'd like to know if you can replace the explorer with another program :) (I'm looking for something which doesn't look like Win95, and which can be customized a bit...)
Please tell me if you know a program like this.
Hi everyone.
I'd like to know what the best switcher for windows is.
Thanx for answering if you can answer ;P

Here are the results :
(Non aero) Switcher… : 5
Madotate : 2
Vista Switcher… : 1
Win+tab : 1
Alt+tab : 0
The Windows 7 Close Button Resizer doesn't work with some themes like this one :
Please if you know where the problem is, tell me :)
Oh and I've got the windows blur enabled...
Hi everyone. I'd like to know how to make an internet connexion better. I should be able to download more than 1Mo/second but I can only have ~1Ko/sec :( Help please...
(Anything would be OK, a program, something to do in windows, or a crack of the neibourg's connexion ;P)
Hi everyone. I'd like to know if it is possible to sync my bookmarks, history, addons, passwords, etc... between Chrome & Opera (and safari, and Firefox if possible but the 2 most important are Chrome & Opera)
I'd like something simple and I'd like to SYNC them, not to export them and re import them in another browser. I want something automatic.
I've founs a way to solve the problems with leftsider. Some browsers have problems with it.
Chrome is completely reversed, the Opera & Firefox button overlapps the buttons...
For chrome, just use a custom non-glass theme (idea by ...)
For opera & Firefox, just put 6 separators if you're using a mac theme, or 8 if you're using another type of theme on the left of the opera or firefox button :D
Problem ?
is there a way to center titlebar text in windows style builder ?
Hi everyone. I'd like to know how to get mac window management for W7 (I mean delete the maximize/restore button and make one like mac, to save 2 window sizes for example...)